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Audiobook Release - February 5, 2017

Hey Everyone,

The Art of Narration.

I’ve been busy trying to create my first audiobook. It’s taking a lot more work than I thought it would. Learning the ins and outs of recording software, purchasing the right, affordable, yet quality microphone, padding a small room with sound dampening pieces of foam, and finding the right time of day to record without capturing the sometime thundering sounds of the outside world, has been nothing short of challenging. And those are just the physical aspects of preparing to record an audiobook.

The real challenge is in narrating a story that will keep you enthralled in such a way that you will be pulled into the story, into the world, to the point of feeling a characters pain, smelling the smoke in the air, and seeing the colors of a rolling landscape. Creating audiobooks is somewhat challenging, but learning the art of creating good audiobooks is a huge challenge.

There is the conundrum of whether or not to do different character voices. Some audiobook narrators are practiced actors, and use several character voices, some simply adjust their voice enough that the reader can distinguish who is talking at any given time. Both are acceptable in the field of audiobooks. I have chosen to do a little of both.

 I have a passion for storytelling. I know that it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, and at the same time accept that I will only get better as time and experience allow.

I submitted to Author’s Republic, and have been accepted to be published throughout the audiobook network on the net.  Please enjoy the audiobook journey with me. You can listen to the free version of “Hollow Man” here. soon to be released by Author’s Republic.

I hope you enjoy the narration.  Please feel free to comment.



Amazon Kindle Launch - November 29, 2016

Hey Everyone,

About 12 years ago I published a short story called, “A Penny For Your Thoughts”, in a book of collective works called “Tall Tales and Short Stories Volume II”. I know I know, I can’t believe I chose that title either. Lol, there really was a reason for choosing that title. Anyhow, my daughter, seven at the time, was so impressed that she asked me to write something for her. Of course I said yes, and promptly set to work on writing a chapter book called “Where Dragons Fly”. Little did I know that the characters I created would haunt my dreams until I promised to continue writing their stories. Well, once those characters took on a life of their own, that chapter book morphed into a trilogy, which brings us to today. Yes, some 12 years later. You see the stories and those characters went in and out of snooze mode over the years, daring me on and off to tell their tales. It has been my dream to one day write for a living. I am now very seriously making that attempt in the way of launching the first of many short stories, novellas and novelettes, all revolving in and around the world of Calasia, leading to the trilogy I started oh so long ago.

So today I am announcing the launch of my very first eBook, now available on Amazon. Actually there are two, one is the first of four stories in the “Where Dragons Lie” series. I’m hoping you will enjoy it and purchase the box set, and also “Like” and “Share” my new Facebook page.

Please peruse my website to learn more about the world I have created, and yes, please purchase and share my stories. You will have to create an Amazon account in order to purchase a book. I suggest you have a look at the “Stories” page. I have just created a free 5 day special through Amazon for “Hollow Man”. This is a short read, the first short of the series, so you can read it and see if you are interested in getting the whole series from my “Box Set” page or simply enter the “Where Dragons Lie Box Set” title directly from Amazon.

If you are interested in purchasing the “Where Dragons Lie Box Set” You will see a “Buy” button as well as a “Share” button under the book cover. Please “Share”, if you don’t mind. And finally, if you enjoy them, please write a brief review on the Amazon page where you purchased the book. It could be one sentence or a paragraph of what it was that you liked about the story, the world, the writing, the characters, whatever intrigued you. You see, positive reviews on Amazon will determine how my work is found on the search engines and it will prompt Amazon to display my books in the results, or lead people to them more handily. This will be a huge help in getting this off the ground. I’m not one to ask for favors, but I’ve been told that if you really need something, sometimes you must ask. I know it may seem like a lot of work, but it is not much compared to what it took me to get this close to achieving my dreams.

I will continue to announce the release of short reads and box sets from this page.


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Thanks so much to those of you who have supported me along the way, and those of you who will do so going forward.

It’s Been a Long Road Getting From There to Here

Richard R. Morrison