Welcome to the World of Calasia

You ride upon the back of one of the largest dragons of Calasia. The nearly extinct Milar’s massive wings spread almost fifty-five feet wide. The damp grey clouds move around your bodies as you glide within the mists of ozone.

The sun bores a hole through the murk. Your dragon pulls in his wings, and you go into a dive, riding the streaking rays of light to soak up the heat of the new day. Though you’re strapped into a dragon high-saddle specifically designed for long journeys, your heart thunders in your chest and the wind screams around you as the velocity increases. Leather riding gloves creak when you squeeze the saddle horn. You press forward to keep yourself from being pushed back by the full force of the blast.

The sweeping vista of the snow-crested Borrag Mountains spreads out before you. A troop of dwarves is setting out from the ancient keep of Gareth Dar carved out of the side of Mount Storm, trailing a long line of ponies laden with wares to be traded in the coastal city of Karsul.

Your dragon inhales deeply, then grinds the rock powder on his teeth to ignite a stream of gas that streaks an orange-red blast of fire across the morning sky in salute to the travelers. A grand hurrah rises from the marching procession, the stout group appreciative of the morning light show.

This is the beginning of your journey, your mission from the Wizard’s Guild to visit the lands of Calasia, to bring news to the Dragon and Rider Outposts. You will skirt the rock troll–infested hills to the borderlands of Darmoor, home of the Graymar, the almost-ten-foot-tall swamp creatures that wreak havoc across the southern continent of Quaros.

From there you must journey across the Seven Kingdoms, bringing word to your fellow Keepers of the Peace, all while evading the dark spies of your enemies, the Far Ones. You pray that you will be fortunate enough to find a fast jet stream to carry you across the South Sea, over the Desert of Uban, and on to New Catalonia to seek the aid of the Knights of the Order of the Hatchet. Back across the North Sea, you will bring news to the outpost of Salluit, bordering the glaciers of the Blue Ice Mountains. Then to the Highlander Elves of Rothgar, and finally home to Cara Dragon Hold and the Wizards’ Guild after delivering the call to unite, for war once again looms on the horizon.

Welcome to the World of Calasia