This page will be dedicated to illustrators that wish to showcase their work, and I hope, open dialogue about what motivates them.  It should be noted that Ninjatic and Lhuneart both gave me permission to showcase their work, and are not connected to Calasia in any way.  I find their work inspiring and simply wish to show my appreciation for their extraordinary talents.


Work on this page by Petra Rudolf, creator of the covers for my books.








I would be honored to showcase more work of up and coming artist and illustrators interested in the fantasy fiction genre.  I would hope they may be inspired by my stories and the World of Calasia:  Calasia’s Moons, Forests and Mountains, Fire and Ice, Castles and Holds, Elves and Dwarves, Horgons and Graymar, Dragons and Riders.

I will showcase new art as it is presented by the illustrator.  It will be added to the gallery section with their permission.

Please see the Feature on Petra Rudolf, creator of the covers for my books.



Petra Rudolf

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